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The object of is to document the innocent people killed by law enforcement and to remember those innocent victims of police violence.

It is always sad when anyone loses their life: police or non-police. No one’s life has more value over another. Statistics are meticulously gathered by the Department of Justice on the number of LEOs that die each year and specifically how they lose their lives. LEO deaths are not always at the hand of an assailant. Some die from their driving negligence, poor health or even violence against  themselves.

Those killed by law enforcement are technically innocent since they have not been on trial and found guilty (remember, innocent until PROVEN guilty is supposed to be the standard). The problem in determining the guilt of the person killed is that police are often the only ones present and they control all of the evidence. The general public (which make up juries) and media tend to believe the police version of events.

There is no funeral cortège, no salute, no remembrance of the innocent people killed by law enforcement. They are often forgotten except by their family and friends. This is the reason for this site – to remember all of those innocent people killed at the hand of law enforcement.

If you know of a victim of law enforcement, let us know through our “Submit A Story” page: