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Lawrence Ports

Lawrence Ports

Reported by The Wall Street Journal

YAPHAWK, N.Y. — A New York man has died after suffering a head injury during a struggle with police more than two weeks ago.

Suffolk County Police say Saturday Lawrence Ports was pronounced dead Friday. They say he had been removed to Stony Brook University Hospital on Sept. 24 after reports that the 60-year-old was behaving irrationally.

Police say that while at the hospital, Ports became combative and tried to escape custody. That’s when police say he suffered a head injury during a struggle. They say he’d been treated at the hospital since the incident.

Police say they are investigating. An autopsy has yet to be conducted.

There was no number listed for Ports at his Kings Park home.

  1. beth davis says:

    always will be loving you Boom

  2. This man was a friend of mine. No additional info has been published anywhere concerning his death while in police custody. It is like he never was born. Someone needs to be held accountable!

  3. joshua PORTS says:

    My father was killed by the police. The above article doesn’t include that he had broken ribs and a shattered collarbone !Also a head injury doesn’t sound correct because his head was cracked open ! Larry was 60 years old surfing from mental issues, He was brought the mental health section of stony brook. Police are trained to deal with people like my father and at no time should he have been able to run or become combative if he was resonated properly. When somebody calls the police they expect help instead they killed him !

  4. joshua PORTS says:

    Also he went into a coma from the head injury the police are saying he was “treated for ” Im sick of the men and women who are here to serve and protect killing people !

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