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Denis Reynoso

Denis Reynoso

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On September 5, 2013, Jessica Spinney drove home from work without any indication that her life was about to be flipped upside down. When she pulled up to her home in Lynn, Massachusetts she encountered many flashing sirens on police cars and yards of yellow caution tape surrounding her home. The only piece of information Jessica knew was that her fiancé, an Iraqi war veteran, and their 5-year-old son were in the house that was surrounded by this chaos.

When Jessica ran frantically towards her home, she prayed that her family was safe and unharmed. However, on September 5, 2013, Jessica’s fiancé Denis Reynoso was pronounced dead and their 5-year-old child was left covered in his own father’s blood.

The first question that would come into anyone’s mind when someone’s life is taken away is “why did this happen?”. Even though a month has passed this question still remains unanswered. No one is giving answers as Jessica is left to raise two children alone as a single mother. Jessica Spinney has been forced into being a single mother without a choice, while what is left of this family has to deal with the trauma of this tragedy.

Denis Reynoso was murdered by a public figure that everybody in Lynn, Massachusetts is supposed to trust. The Lynn Massachusetts Police Department holds Reynoso’s blood on their hands.

On September 5th Lynn police officers entered Reynoso’s home without a warrant after supposedly receiving a noise disturbance complaint call. When they got inside, Reynoso’s 5-year-old son witnessed his father being gunned down by men everybody was taught to trust. After Reynoso was shot 3 times, the policeman tore up his home for drugs and weapons. They found nothing.
The Lynn police have denied accusations of any unlawful events occuring inside Spinney and Reynoso’s home. They claim that they entered the home in response to the noise complaint. But the question on everybody’s mind is how this noise complaint left a war veteran to be murdered in front of his 5-year-old son?

While Lynn Police claim that Reynoso had grabbed an officers gun, resulting in them gunning him down, others question if a trained war veteran would ever grab a police officer’s gun in the first place. If the police officers came in to his home in response to a noise complaint, why would Reynoso be standing close enough to an officer to want to steal his weapon?

Jessica Spinney lives with the torment of having to bury her fiancé on the day they were to be wed. Her children have no father and cannot understand why their dad’s life was taken away when he had spent years serving the United States of America.

This story boils down to corruption in the Lynn Police Department. A war veteran has died with no logical explanation. Children are left without a father and a mother is left without a husband. Questions are unanswered as Lynn Police try to keep the story as quiet as possible.

As Jessica has many supporters who are trying to get answers, the Lynn Police Department is trying to keep this story a secret. Their story is vague and confusing, and they do not give logical answers to Jessica or her family.The world needs to hear about this. Jessica Spinney and her children should not have been left without Denis Reynoso.

He served his duty to America and now it is time to give back to Reynoso. We need justice for Denis and we need answers as to why 3 police officers have gunned down Reynoso in his own home as the result of a noise complaint. Please help us spread this story to America. This war hero needs justice…


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