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Daniel Saenz

Daniel Saenz

Reported by KTSM

EL PASO — We now know the name of a man shot and killed while in the custody of El Paso police. Daniel Saenz, 37, died Friday night after being shot outside the El Paso county detention facility.

Police said Saenz was handcuffed while he violently fought with the officer before the officer shot him.

Wendy Velazquez knew him for five years. She said Saenz was a body builder and may have looked intimidating to officers, but she only knew him as a “sweet guy.”

“I just really think that his name shouldn’t be dragged through the dirt above all cause he was a great person,” said friend Wendy Velazquez. “He focused a lot of religion, his family, himself and I just think there was a huge injustice and I think people really need to look into that. I don’t know the whole story but according to what I’ve heard, I don’t believe it’s right.”

But police said there was a different side to him. They said Saenz was being booked that day for multiple violent charges, including assault on a public servant, assault bodily injury, assault and injury to an elderly. He also had been found guilty on theft, assault and violating protective order charges.

The El Paso Police Department’s Crimes Against Persons Unit, Shooting Review Team and The Texas Rangers continue their investigation into Friday’s shooting.
Once that investigation is complete, District Attorney Jaime Esparza said it’s his office’s policy to present all shootings that involve officers to a grand jury.

Police have not released the name of the officer that allegedly shot Saenz.

  1. The officers state mercenaries probably could have run from the guy. But no, they are itching to shoot someone. That is their “policy”.

    • Cops running from an atacker? I would not want that officer to protect me.

      • There is a difference between “fleeing in fear” and “containing” a perp.

        The officers could have “ran away” to contain the guy… its not like their firearms don’t work while they are in transit.

        It is terrible how people defend over-aggression by with fear.

  2. The cop is a bully and a coward.. Not all officers are, but there are plenty of them to give the police force a bad name.. There are many different ways to diffuse and handle these situations, to resort to shooting a handcuffed man in custody with other officers on the scene only shows the cowardness and stupidity of this officer. He is not the kind of officer we need protecting any of us, making hasty life threatening decisions are liken to a psychopath, not a PEACE officer. Plus, if he is unable to handle a man in steel restraints; then he is not fit for duty as an officer, you can’t just go around shooting everyone you find a bit threatening.

  3. I knew Daniel SAENZ and he was a,total physco he was suffering from steroid abuse so this is a jekel and Hyde situation don’t care how religion and good you are putting synthetic stuff inside you will turn you into sometime your not literally

  4. Oh and he’s not intimidating sorry he was bald and,very saggy

  5. I hope there’s some justice done. I knew Daniel for 15 years.

  6. pete Francis says:

    Hey Buddy

  7. I went to high school with Danny and I do consider him a good friend I knew him and his family well and i wish them peace but many will still turn a blind eye to the truth Danny had issue but dont we all Danny was a body builder but he was also short (maybe 5’7″) so intimidating he was not plus being in handcuffs not much he could do trust me i know been there done that so for me i firmly believe the cop was an absolute wimp and coward whom only joined the police force in order to abuse others hence the name pig he truly murdered Danny God forgive him cause i wont rest in peace Danny i will not forget you.

  8. Daniel was by Best Friend Roddey I grew up in the 36 hood and he was a good guy now me and Rodney that is a different story.Fuck the Police. JOJO

  9. I just saw the video that was released!!!!! I am from El Paso and this is a dam shame. If a shot was necessary I am sure shooting him in a leg would be enough. This is murder and El Pasoans should stand up!!!

  10. Gregory Higgs says:

    Ummmm….you did see the SUSPECT’S HANDS CUFFED BEHIND HIM, didn’t you?
    You did see his pants down to his knees, right?
    You did see he was unarmed, right?
    You did see the suspect was Inebriated/Intoxicated, right?
    You did see both Officers leaning their combined body weights on top of him restricting his ability to breathe, right?

    The truth is, these two officers were a couple of stupid cowards who were filling their underpants from the inside.

    The suspect was Inebriated/Intoxicated which means he is NOT responsible for his actions and must be restrained to prevent him from hurting himself or others. He is also supposed to be confined to medical supervision and treatment at the local psychiatric hospital for screening and treatment which is where they were! You don’t take ***Intox/Altered Mental Status*** to the Psych ER…to Shoot Them!

    Procedure says they should have backed up and waited for more personnel to arrive (i.e: Supervisor w/ video camera, wheelchair or wheeled stretcher with restraints) and then restrain the prisoner. (You have watched “Lock-up” on MSNBC, right?) This prisoner was perfectly manageable with simple pepper-spray and a modicum of Common Sense!

    This was a perfect storm of cowardice, ignorance, inadequacy, ineptitude, idiocy and plain old Lack-of-Common Sense Stupidity! The reason why Corrections/Law Enforcement are supposed to be college educated is to be able to field a more intelligent law enforcement to minimize the incidence of needless deaths and injuries and other avoidable casualties.

    Clearly, a monumental failure on the part of Law Enforcement in this case. (I am former Law Enforcement myself so I know what I’m talking about)

    ***THIS WAS MURDER!!!***

    I Hope the Justice Department is on this!

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