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Shawn Joseph Jetmore Stoddard-Nunez

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Shawn Joseph Jetmore Stoddard-Nunez

Reported by SFGATE

(03-06) 20:28 PST HAYWARD — A man shot dead by Hayward police was identified Wednesday as 19-year-old Shawn Joseph Jetmore Stoddard-Nunez.

Stoddard-Nunez, who lived in Hayward, was in a passenger in a Honda Civic who died when he was shot by police over the weekend.

An officer had been trying to shoot the driver, Arthur Pakman, 23, of Oakley for aiming his car at a patrol cruiser near Fletcher Lane and Watkins Street about 3:20 a.m. Sunday.

The officer, who was accompanied by a civilian riding along in the patrol car, fired to prevent Pakman from hitting them, said Hayward police Sgt. Eric Krimm.

But a bullet ended up hitting Stoddard-Nunez instead, Krimm said. The Honda hit the passenger door of the police car, knocking the door into the civilian, who suffered a minor injury.

The Honda sped off but crashed a half-mile away at D Street and Foothill Boulevard. Officers found Stoddard-Nunez dead. An Alameda Country coroner’s autopsy confirmed that he died of a gunshot wound and not injuries from the crash, Krimm said.

Pakman fled on foot but was soon arrested. He is being held without bail at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on a probation violation pending a review of the case by Alameda County prosecutors.

Stoddard-Nunez as one of five men killed since Thursday in confrontations with Bay Area law-enforcement officers. The other incidents involved a Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy and Daly City, San Jose and Union City police.

  1. Athena Vanessa Marie hernandez Scheetz says:

    I knew Shawn as a baby and his brother Jesse…. Both beautiful and full of love…. this officer should be held accountable for his actions… Shawn was loved by many. He desearved to live for he still had not been reunited with The people who loved him when his mother did not!!! I pray that in his death his soul was able to see all of the people that loved him in between his mother’s loss of custody and his adoption…. we love you and mamaw and bampa loved you the most!!! For they saved him from his mother’s neglect and abuse… and were devistated when they lost contact after his adoption…. If i can help in anyway to hold this officer accountable for his neglegent decision that day!!! SWHAWN WAS INNOCENT!!! I will remember you always…

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