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Jason Shaw

Jason Shaw

Reported by KTVQ

BILLINGS – Billings Police released the name and long list of criminal history of the man shot and killed by an officer early Monday morning.

Lieutenant Kevin Iffland said 32-year-old Jason Shaw died after he refused to comply with an officer’s orders. He instead reached for a gun in his pocket.

Shaw was stopped by police about 1:30 a.m. on Monday, as police were searching for another man near 23 Custer Avenue. As Officer Grant Morrison approached a suspicious vehicle, Shaw got out of the back seat.

Morrison ordered him to put his hands up and get on the ground, but Shaw refused. As Shaw reached for a weapon in his pocket, Morrison shot him in the abdomen.

Officers on scene performed first aid until an ambulance arrived, but Shaw was later pronounced dead. Further investigation revealed the gun the suspect reached for was actually a replica handgun — a BB gun — pictured above.

Shaw’s storied criminal history dates back to 1998 and spans across the state. It includes multiple felony thefts, obstruction of peace officers, felony criminal endangerment and violation of a protective order.

Officer Morrison is now on paid administrative leave until the investigation wraps up.


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