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Kristofer Gagliardi

Kristofer Gagliardi

Reported by KWTX

COPPERAS COVE (February 5, 2013)—Kristofer Gagliardi, 24, the knife-wielding man whom a Copperas Cove police officer shot to death Saturday night after responding to a domestic disturbance call, was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had used the knife he was carrying to cut his own wrists, his mother, Dawn Prewitt, said Tuesday.

Prewitt said she was standing about five feet from her son Saturday night outside of a duplex in the 500 block of Westview Lane when the officer fired, striking Gagliardi twice in the chest.

She said her son called the officer a racial slur before he was shot.

“He said ‘go ahead and shoot me’ and used the racial slur, and as soon as he said that he shot him twice,” Prewitt said.

Then, she says, the officer handcuffed her son and dragged him into the yard of the duplex.

“They drug him like a dead animal across the yard, they just had no compassion,” Prewitt said.

“There was no other police officer there,” she said.

“I was the one that had to witness my son dying in vain, I’m the one who had to see that he was crying for help,” she said.

Gagliardi’s brother Josh, said Tuesday he thought Kristofer had been doing better since moving to Copperas Cove with his mother.

He got a job with the City of Killeen Mowing and Drainage Department and had finished his GED, he said.

Coryell County Justice of the Peace John Guinn pronounced Gagliardi dead at 9:50 p.m. Saturday.

Guinn said when he arrived, Gagliardi’s body was in the yard of the duplex and there was a knife with a blade about five inches long next to him.

Guinn said it appeared Gagliardi had been shot twice in the chest.

“Officers were responding to a domestic violence call and when they arrived Gagliardi came out of the duplex with a knife,” Guinn said.

Guinn said that the first officer on the scene retreated to the street in front of the duplex and that at some point fired the shot that killed Gagliardi.

Authorities ordered the body sent to Southwest Institute of Forensic Science, in Dallas, for autopsy.

On Monday Guinn said the preliminary autopsy report showed the cause of death was the two gunshot wounds to the upper body.

Texas Rangers are investigating the shooting.

Coryell County District Attorney Dusty Boyd said he expects to get a report on the results of the investigation by the end of the month.

  1. ok he went for a gun. Justified shoot.

  2. Ami Heisler says:

    Perhaps you didn’t read the article correctly Eric? Or you have mistaken a 5 inch knife as a gun? Either way you look at it, in my opinion, is excessive force. Maybe you might look at the situation in a different light if it was your father, brother, uncle etc.? Regardless of anything, it’s a human life that’s lost here. And there shouldn’t be justification in the matter of who’s pulling the trigger.

    • I have decided, if a loved one is acting violently, the worst thing you can do for their well being is call the police.

      Somebody was afraid for this man’s life so they contacted the authorities. The authorities sent an officer and took this young man’s life.

  3. Dawn Prewitt says:

    Just to let everyone out there know that my son was shot in cold blood by a officer that is supposed to be held at a higher level of concicences for their actions. See I witnessed everything!! I saw what happened and what didn’t happen so please remember God knows also what happened and he got away with it once what makes you think he won’t get away with it again???
    RIP Kristofer

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