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Jordan Hatcher

Jordan Hatcher

Reported by NBCDFW

The Grand Prairie and Arlington police say a felony theft suspect was shot and killed after he fled to the parking lot of a community college in Arlington.

A Grand Prairie officer shot 22-year-old Jordan Hatcher in the Tarrant County College Southeast Campus’ south parking lot on Thursday afternoon.

Police said Hatcher led officers on foot to the community college after a struggle at a Target store on the other side of state Highway 360 in Grand Prairie. Another suspect was arrested at the store.

Authorities said Hatcher physically fought with an officer and grabbed the officer’s stun gun. The officer feared for his life and shot Hatcher multiple times, police said.

Arlington police arrived at the parking lot just after the shooting. An Arlington police officer performed CPR on Hatcher, who died at the scene.

The man did not appear to be armed, police said.

No officers were injured.

A parking lot on the south side of the campus is closed, but the north and west parking lots remained open.

Grand Prairie police and Arlington police are investigating the shooting.

The Grand Prairie officer who shot the suspect is a veteran officer with several years of experience. The officer will be on leave for three days for review.


  1. Michelle Hansford says:

    He was my son. He made a bad decision, but that didn’t make him a bad person. He was gunned down by police because of a Wii Controller. He was unarmed. Witnesses say he was not resisting at Target. Surrounded by police, why would a 22-year old man take a taser away from a police officer if it wasn’t being used as an abusive weapon on him? They weren’t about to let him make fools out of them, so they made an example out of him. Four bullets in the chest over a Wii Controller.

  2. Patti jo says:

    I know this family and Michelle, dear Michelle never will my heart not ache for you since I found out…it literally aches well physically aches for you and John and Jeff, how and why as I look on this site the officers appear to be such cowards, NOTHING LIKE A MARINE, A Marine is trained to kill so Jordan could have killed that officer but officer got scared and cowardly shot NOT at the arm that was holding the taser but at his chest 4times now that is OVERKILL…Need I say more, I will fight with you and for Jordan for any cause to get rid of coward bastard police men and women…I love you and yours…

  3. Dear Michelle, I just learned about this today. I am so sorry for this senseless act! Police shooting & killing anyone for stealing is ridiculous & unnecessary! They should be concerned with all the evil crimes being committed, but instead they aggressively focus on the small thing!
    I’m not excusing theft, it is wrong, but let the punishment fit the crime!

    I’m praying for your family! I met John today. I pray each of you will look to God and His Love & peace will flood your hearts and bring you comfort & healing!

    Why did this happen? That I can not answer, but I know God knows & He is in control, nothing can happen that surprises Him. If He did not stop it, then He has a purpose. Ultimately, we, who believe in Him & have trusted Him as our Savior will be with Him for eternity, where no evil resides!

    Rest assured there is a God, Who sees & knows & justice is in His Hands!

    I pray you will receive Him into your hearts & will be with Him one day in Heaven. Until then, life will be so much sweeter as we walk close with Him on this Earth! Seek Him today, He is waiting!

    In Christ’s love,

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