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Jesse France

Jesse France

Reported by KGW

VANCOUVER – Members of a U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force shot and killed a wanted suspect after the man escalated the situation in Vancouver Friday morning, police said.

Officers responded to the Addison apartment complex near 7500 NE 18th Street around 11 a.m.

It was there police said 28-year-old Jessee France, who was wanted on felony warrants, rammed an undercover car. France was involved in several felony cases and thought to have been armed, investigators said.

Police said France’s actions  “escalated the situation and shots were fired by several officers from the (U.S. Marshals) task force” after they had gotten out of their car and approached him.

Police spokesperson Kim Kapp said several officers fired rounds.

Neighbors reported hearing six shots. One witness reported seeing a man who had been shot in the driver’s seat of a car.

”There was a girl that ran out of the car and … I didn’t see her run out, but she was sitting on the side and she was screaming, ‘they shot my friend,’” neighbor Emily Kountz said. ”I’m a caregiver and I ran out and said, ‘I think that there’s been shots fired.’”

France was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police took two women and one man into custody for questioning. There were no reports of arrests.


  1. Except you forgot to post that Jesse run from the police multiple times which at one point in getting away pulled a gun on someone and tried to car jack them. Has been to prison for selling drugs several times. Has robbed house s went to prison, has been a menace onthe community

  2. Ami Heisler says:

    Judging someone on their past mistakes justifies shooting him? What gives the rights to the police to be judge, jury and executioner? How this young man was portrayed by the media could be a far cry from his true character. After all, the only side of this story that was published is the cops side. We need all the facts. But the issue here is, should you take a life because he’s had a troubled past? NO!

  3. Jesse was a product of the life style he lived. That doesn’t make him a bad person or because rookie cops are trigger happy looks like vpd has more blood on there hands. Jesse rest in peace you where family and always there for me. You will be so missed and I know your up there watching over those who love you. My prayers are with jesse’s mom and dad.

  4. best friend says:

    Jesse france was my best friend nobody knew him like me the fact that you guys are posting stuff about him and don’t even know him is rediculous. If you knew him then you would know that he was the most amazing person on this planet. Stuff happens and people sometimes go down the wrong road but that doesn’t mean those people are bad. Jesse had a huge heart and underneath his shell he was just scared. I loved him so much and so did his mom and dad. We are deeply hurt by what happened and it really pisses me off that u guys don’t know him and post stupid shit.

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