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Wesley Kyle Swilling

Wesley Kyle Swilling

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Officers shot and killed a man outside the Greenville Law Enforcement Center early Monday after he “presented something that appeared to be a weapon” and advanced on the officers in a threatening manner, Deputy Jonathan Smith said, declining to say what kind of weapon.

Smith said authorities couldn’t say more about what object the man had as he advanced on officers because the State Law Enforcement Division is conducting the investigation into the incident.

SLED confirmed it is investigating and wouldn’t comment further.

Greenville Police Chief Terri Wilfong wouldn’t comment on the suspect’s possible weapon, citing the SLED investigation.

Wesley Kyle Swilling, 31, of 126 Woodridge Circle, Mauldin, was shot at least twice and killed early Monday, authorities said.

His mother, Bonnie Goin, said Monday night that Swilling was a late 1990s graduate of Mauldin High, where he played football, and he studied sports medicine at Lander University.

She said she was too distraught to comment further.

The shooting happened outside the employee entrance of the LEC shortly after 3 a.m., said Jeff Fowler, a Greenville County deputy coroner.

Swilling died of multiple gunshots, including one to the chest, Fowler said, and was pronounced dead at the scene at 3:43 a.m.

A man approached a Greenville police officer as the officer walked out the back door of the Law Enforcement Center and headed to his patrol car just after 3 a.m., Smith said.

A man approached the officer in the parking lot and showed what appeared to be a weapon, authorities said.

The officer got the attention of a Greenville County sheriff’s deputy who was in his patrol car working on a report, authorities said.

The officer told the deputy the man had a gun, authorities said.

The man “advanced” on the officers in a threatening manner, said Johnathan Bragg, a Greenville police spokesman.

Both officers then drew their weapons as the man continued to advance, he said.

Fearing for their safety, the deputy and the officer fired shots, hitting the man at least once, authorities said.

He fell to the ground, got up and continued to advance, authorities said.

The deputy and the officer moved around the deputy’s patrol car to stay behind cover, authorities said. As the man continued toward them, the deputy and the officer fired again, striking him at least one more time, authorities said.

Both officers fired an unknown number of shots, Smith said.

Bragg said authorities don’t know which officer fired the fatal shot.

Each spokesman declined to say how many times the officers fired.

Both officers have been placed on administrative leave following the shooting, authorities said.

The Sheriff’s Office and the Greenville Police Department will conduct internal investigations to determine if all policies and procedures were followed, authorities said.

SLED also is investigating the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old man by police officers in downtown Greenville in November.




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