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Tederalle Satchell

Tederalle Satchell



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Posted: Monday, December 31, 2012 12:00 am | Updated: 12:07 am, Thu Jan 3, 2013.


HEARNE — Hours after law enforcement officers cleared the scene where 28-year-old Tederalle Satchell had been shot and killed, neighbors were still talking about the gunshots that rang through the Columbus Village Apartment complex early Sunday.

Officers with the Hearne Police Department were sent to the complex in the 800 block of South Riley Street about 2:32 a.m. because of a group that had assembled in its parking lot, according to a statement released by the department Sunday afternoon.

Officers were told by dispatchers that three people in a white vehicle were firing a weapon, the statement said.

After officers arrived, the statement said, they found a vehicle that matched the description, and an officer-involved shooting ensued. Afterward, a weapon was found at the scene that did not belong to any of the officers, according to the statement.

The police department offered no other details about the shooting other than to say the Texas Rangers were assisting in the investigation.

Satchell lived with his mother in the apartment complex, said his aunt, Ulanda Nelson, who also lives in the complex.

On Sunday afternoon, family members and neighbors filled Nelson’s apartment. Each expressed grief and outrage over the shooting.

Tracy Nelson, Ulanda Nelson’s sister, said she had been asleep in her sister’s apartment when she was awakened by the first gunshot.

“As soon as I heard them, I jumped up and I ran out of the house,” Tracy Nelson said.

When she got outside, she said, her nephew was already on the ground.

The 42-year-old said that she feared for her life.

“I told my sister, ‘Step back. They done shot him, they might shoot us, too,'” she said.

Ulanda Nelson said she pleaded with officers to help Satchell, who was on the ground for more than 20 minutes before anyone gave him medical attention.

Authorities didn’t even cover his body, which wasn’t removed until around 9 a.m., Ulanda Nelson said.

“It’s like they didn’t care about this human life,” Ulanda Nelson said. “What could we do but just stand there with all those officers standing there and none of them did anything to give him CPR.”

Satchell’s mother had been at the apartment complex during the day, but sought comfort at a church Sunday afternoon and wasn’t available for comment.

Allison Bryant, a 21-year-old who lives at the apartment complex, said he was awake when the commotion began outside and he heard people yelling about a gun.

“I was walking around to my bedroom and I heard someone say, ‘He has a gun,’ and then I heard someone say, ‘He threw a gun,'” Bryant said.

When he heard gunshots, Bryant said, he hit the floor.

When the shots ended, he said, he looked out his kitchen window and saw Satchell’s body by a fence. Bryant questioned why officers later moved Satchell’s body away from the fence.

“They’re not supposed to move the body,” Bryant said.

Another neighbor, Adrien Wilson, said he viewed the chaos from an upstairs window. He said that when he went outside, an officer standing over Satchell’s body pointed a rifle at him and threatened to shoot him if he didn’t go back inside.

Tracy Nelson said Satchell was a mental health patient who suffered from mental retardation along with seizures. She also said that he had recently been released after spending two years in prison.

“The family just want’s justice. Nothing else, just justice,” Ulanda Nelson said.

The shooting is the second officer-involved shooting in Hearne in five months.

In July, Hearne Police Sgt. Stephen Yohner shot 20-year-old Benny Carroll Jr. in the leg while responding to a burglary call.

Carroll, who used to work at the Hearne Police Department and has never been in trouble with the law, told The Eagle that he didn’t have a gun or weapon of any kind when he was shot.

The Hearne Police Department has declined to discuss that shooting, which was also being investigated by the Texas Rangers.

Carroll has recovered from his injuries.



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