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Noahcell Bagley

Noahcell Bagley

Noacell Bagley was killed during an alleged struggle with a police officer in Chester, PA back in December. According to The Wilson Times, Bagely died as a result of two gunshot wounds, “one to the right arm and one to the left buttock.”

Bagely’s mother, Barbara, says his wounds imply he was shot from behind.

“If he was fighting with the officer, then still, why two different spots?” she asked.

“A Taser could have taken him down,” she said. “We all make our decisions in life. Noah made his. Does that give the officer the right to take his life? These are the questions left unanswered.”

Another question that remains unanswered is why police were after Bagley in the first place.

Bagley ran from police when officers stopped his car because he had an outstanding arrest warrant.

Prosecutors would not release the officer’s name. District attorney’s spokeswoman Emily Harris said the office plans to complete its investigation later this month or in early February.

“Currently, the investigation of the police officer’s use of lethal force is still under investigation by the district attorney’s Special Investigations Unit,” Harris said. “The case is expected to wrap up within the next few weeks.”

He allegedly had an outstanding warrant, but there is no indication what for. It is also odd that the district attorney’s office is refusing to release the name of the officer involved.

The full story can be read here:—-Questions-left-unanswered



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