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Michael Camberdella

Michael Camberdella


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The family of a teenager killed by a deputy is now suing the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Michael Camberdella was shot outside his Boynton Beach home in October.

The sheriff’s office said Camberdella was threatening his mother with a hammer and hedge clippers, then refused to put down the weapons after the deputy arrived.

But on Friday, family members announced they would file a civil suit against the sheriff’s office, claiming the deputy shot an unarmed teenager.

“This should have never happened,” said Michael’s mom, Linda Camberdella. “I need my son’s justice. I need this to move forward.”

Lawyers for the family said the teen was unarmed when the deputy shot him. They were hoping for a criminal investigation into the deputy, but said that investigation was taking too long, so for now they will settle for a civil suit.

“Michael, an 18-year-old autistic boy, was shot and killed,” lawyer Harry Shevin said. “He was unarmed and served no threat to the deputy.”

This week, the Camberdella family spent their first Christmas without their only son. They will spend the next few months gathering evidence to use in their civil suit.

“I have to live the rest of my life without my son,” Linda Camberdella said. “All I have are pictures and memories, nothing else. I have nothing else, so we’re here for our son’s justice.”



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