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Andrew Messina

Andrew Messina


After posting the info from the Huffinton Post report, Nick Messina, Andrew’s father reached out to me to clarify some points. They are as follows:

The police were never inside the house until AFTER the sniper shot Andrew. This is all public information from a Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) report (my note here: law enforcement investigating law enforcement). Andrew was shot while he was inside the house by a sniper from across the street on a neighbor’s property (approximately 200 ft away with a sniper set-up). Andrew never went out of the house with the gun. He was shot in the abdomen in the side, almost the back, so there was no way Andrew was a threat to anyone at the time he was shot. The sniper was Jason Yarborough.

Law enforcement had surrounded the house, which further exacerbated the situation, agitating and upsetting Andrew, according to Nick. The incident took about 70 minutes total. The sniper showed up 10-15 minutes before he shot Andrew and didn’t know if there was a hostage situation or not before he took the fatal shot. He had radio communication but according to Nick referencing the GBI report, he had not been paying attention to the radio transmissions.

Also, the police never cut the telephone line as stated in the Huffington Post article. The police actually used the house telephone system, using a wireless remote handset extension Andrew’s mom had had to call the cops from the back deck.

For video on this story, including video Andrew took himself before he was killed, please watch the videos.



Reported by The Huffington Post

Parents of a teen killed by a SWAT team in suburban Atlanta in May spoke out this week for the first time to criticize police for aggressive tactics against their suicidal son.

Andrew Messina was armed with a .357 Magnum when a sniper shot him inside his Towne Lake home in May. But the 16-year-old’s parents hoped that police would send someone to calm the high school student who was threatening to kill himself after getting a poor grade that day. Instead, they saw a large deployment of heavily armed police descend on their home.

“They brought an army to take out a 16-year-old boy. To kill a 16-year-old boy,” said Nick Messina, the boy’s dad, in an exclusive interview with CBS Atlanta.

Lisa Messina, Andrew’s mother, called 911 when her son grabbed her husband’s gun and said he wanted to end his life. Even as the panicked mom talked to the 911 operator she worried about how the police would react. She asked if they would send “just one” police car.

As police materialized at the family’s door, Andrew took swigs of alcohol from a bottle and spoke to his father on a telephone.

‘It just happened so fast, and then he went upstairs. He had the gun in his hand, and he had bullets in the other hand,” Lisa said in the CBS interview.

Police cut the telephone line and sent negotiators into the house. On a recording made by Andrew, he can be heard telling the negotiators that he’s angry and wants to speak to his father, according to an account in the Daily News.

Soon after, a sniper with a large rifle entered the home. Minutes later, a loud blast was heard and Andrew was dead.

The Cherokee County Sheriff has defended his officer’s decision to shoot the younger Messina, because he broke a pane of glass with the firearm near the negotiators trying to convince him to lay down the weapon.

“It was no outcome we would ever hope for,” Sheriff Roger Garrison said in May to the Cherokee Tribune. “Our negotiators worked feverishly, to the very, very best of their abilities to establish rapport with Andrew and it’s just a very tragic situation. There are no winners.”

The family’s attorney disputes the police account, saying that no one saw Andrew pointing the pistol at any officer. He also contends the angle at which the sniper’s bullet punctured the teen’s abdomen shows he was not facing the cops.

The sheriff’s office and district attorney cleared the sniper of any wrongdoing, but the family has filed suit against Garrison’s office.




  1. InalienableWrights says:

    I think the larger issue is the coming gun grab.

    If the cops are this psycho now… can you imagine them if they disarm us? Can you fuking imagine?

    IMHO the liberty movement needs to get behind stopping this gun grab. And NOW.

  2. Best of luck in your endeavor Clyde. Pass along to all the families you speak with, that there are 10s of thousands of us in their corner. We will do everything we can to keep this issue in the news and up front.


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