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Wendell Allen

Wendell Allen

Reported by WWLTV

NEW ORLEANS – Police Officer Joshua Colclough was booked with manslaughter Friday after he surrendered to the Public Integrity Bureau.

A few hours later, Colclough was released after posting a $300,000 bond, which was the amount set by Judge Keva Landrum-Johnson on Colclough’s arrest warrant on Thursday. The warrant was issued when a grand jury issued the manslaughter indictment against the now-suspended officer.

Colclough is accused of killing an unarmed man, Wendell Allen, who died of a single gunshot wound to the chest during the execution of search warrant for narcotics at a Gentilly home in March.

The indictment came a day after the reported deal with the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office fell apart. Multiple sources said Colclough had earlier agreed to plead guilty to negligent homicide and to serve the maximum five-year sentence.

According to sources, Colclough had an last-minute change of heart about the plea deal and felt he didn’t do anything wrong. The police organization, PANO, said they support his decision.

Colclough’s arraignment is scheduled for Monday. Judge Landrum-Johnson also scheduled a bond reduction hearing at the request of Colclough’s attorney, Claude Kelly III.


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